Inner Pieces: Bite-Sized Reflections on Healing, Self-Inquiry, and the Art of Living

Katie Lane

Concise and hard-hitting, Inner Pieces serves up a variety of bite-sized reflections to slowly digest or read straight through.

If you enjoy timeless truths but don't have loads of extra time, you may very well dig this book!

If you enjoy thinking deeply, questioning your perceptions, and not letting anxiety control you, you may very well dig this book!

If you enjoy the process, if tiny steps in the right direction get you going far more than shiny things, then you may very well love this book! It was created on Twitter.

The author would ask herself: how can I go deeper, share something that matters, make people think, perhaps generate a laugh or two, with only 280 characters or less?!

As the days turned into years, a blog + persistence = Inner Pieces.

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